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We are ready to get as many people as possible familiar with Verace Pizza Napoletana and we need your help. Would you like to open up your very own Pizza Beppe? We are on the hunt for passionate, entrepreneurial franchise partners who will each start up their Pizza Beppe restaurant in 3 different areas.

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As a local hero, you know exactly where to open the restaurant, what staff to hire and how to connect with your guests, all within the brand values of Pizza Beppe. But keep in mind: running a restaurant is way more than just serving pizzas.

Staff planning, purchasing, accounting; everything has to be just right. And we will assist you all throughout.


We help you along with the renovation and decoration of your pizza restaurant, purchasing, accounting, hiring staff, training programs, marketing (including packaging materials, social media support and national campaigns) and automation and we will also assist with the financial analysis of your franchise.

Together, we will determine the KPIs, decide the zoning of your restaurant and provide guidance in finding the right team for your location.

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pizza as pizza should be

Pizza Beppe stands for real food. But also: real people, real attention, real contact. Authenticity is not only the fastest way to the heart, it is also the highest of all goods in Pizza Beppe’s world.

In order to bring the real pizza Napoletana to the Netherlands, the owners went into apprenticeship at the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletane: the protector of the heritage of the true Neapolitan pizza.

Our efforts were rewarded: Pizza Beppe Zuid (Roeloef Hartstraat, Amsterdam) is the first restaurant in the Netherlands to be approved by the prestigious Neapolitan “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana” (AVPN). The AVPN is an institution that was appointed by the European Committee to ensure and protect the authenticity of Neapolitan Pizza.
We have expanded to 13 branches in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breukelen, Hilversum and Eindhoven since the opening of our first Pizza Beppe in 2018. It’s about time we introduce everyone in the Netherlands to our Verace Pizza Napoletana.

A table topped with two pizzas covered in toppings.
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A heart shaped pizza sitting on top of a white plate.
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The (horeca)building should be close to other hotels, restaurants and cafés

Sales floor area with a minimum size of 100m2 and a terrace of 25m2

The building is easy to access by car (parking space) and public transport

per la famiglia

Professional back office to offer complete support

Central purchasing policy with sharp conditions

Software support for optimal automation

Staff training programmes and courses

Support for national and local marketing campaigns

Personal guidance and support

investment per location

entrance fee


total investment (incl. own resources)

€185k - €250k (depending on m2)

franchise fee

8% (max. €3.250,- per month)

Marketing fee


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If so, please reach out to us by filling in this form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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