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World Tiramisu Day
March 21, 2024

Happy World Tiramisu day!

A dessert with a rich history, rooted in Italian traditions and occupies a cherished place in classic Italian cuisine. Tiramisu is the world's most famous dessert and is considered a modern dessert par excellence. World Tiramisu Day is an annual celebration dedicated to honoring one of Italy's most beloved desserts, tiramisu. This day encourages people to celebrate this iconic dessert by sharing recipes, enjoying it at their favorite restaurants, or even trying their hand at making it from scratch. It's a day to savor the flavors and textures of tiramisu while appreciating the culinary traditions and creativity it represents. we have homemade tiramisu that consists of layers of espresso-dipped ladyfingers, a creamy mixture of mascarpone and a dash of Amaretto topped with cacao.

You don't need to travel to Italy for a taste of this timeless dessert; right here at Pizza Beppe, it's every bit as delectable, if not surpassing in flavor!

Will you come and try it soon?