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Who invented pizza?
July 25, 2023

Pizza has a very long history, but have you ever wondered who invented pizza?

The earliest mentions of the word can be traced back to 997 near Gaeta, a region in Lazio, Italy. During that time, the term "Pinsa" was used to describe a rounded, flatbread consumed by the rural population.

Pinsa crust was a simple and modest dish, typically topped with lard, cheese, basil, and sometimes fish scraps. This delicacy gained popularity across various regions. Pizza has since evolved into a diverse culinary creation, offering a wide array of variations and ingredients. However, one controversial ingredient that remains absent from its traditional preparation is pineapple.

The first documented accounts of Neapolitan pizza surfaced between 1715 and 1725 when Vincenzo Corrado penned a valuable treatise on the eating habits of Naples. He observed the locals' penchant for seasoning pizza and macaroni with tomato sauce.

Initially, pizza was exclusively sold as street food by numerous vendors outside bakeries in Naples until around 1830. That year, the historic Port'Alba pizzeria opened its doors, marking it as the world's oldest pizzeria. Situated in the heart of Naples' historic center, at the beginning of the major decuman, it can be found on via Port'Alba.

The version of pizza known as Margherita, which is popular in Italy, traces its roots back to 1889. It was created by Neapolitan chef Raffaele Esposito in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The pizza Margherita, adorned with tomato, mozzarella, and basil, pays tribute to the colors of the National Flag and the Queen of Italy.

In 1895, Gennaro Lombardi emigrated from Naples to New York, where he continued his pizza-making craft in a bakery on Mulberry Street. Lombardi utilized the same dough recipe passed down from his father and grandfather in Naples. Recognizing the growing demand, Lombardi decided to start selling pizza. In 1905, he obtained a license from the City of New York, officially establishing America's First Pizzeria.

Whether your preference lies with a classic Margherita or a savory Salame pizza, there is one thing we can all unanimously agree on: pizza is beloved by everyone! ✌️