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Must watch: the pizza show
April 25, 2023

The Pizza Show has finally made it to Naples, where pizza was first created. Frank Pinello, the host, embarks on an ultimate adventure in search of Neapolitan pizza.

In this series, created by VICE, Frank Pinello visits some of the most well-known pizzerias in the world and spends time with the top pizzaiolos in the industry. In addition, he stops by Caseificio Il Casolare, one of the best cheesemakers in Campania, to witness the production of buffalo mozzarella.

Frank also checks in with Steffano Ferrara Forni, the famous father-son duo responsible for building Neapolitan ovens. Pepe in Grani, Franco Pepe's pizza palace, is another location they visit. Frank creates a pizza with master pizzaiolo Gino Sorbillo and even uses Enzo Coccia's Queen Margherita oven. Pizza enthusiasts will undoubtedly adore this dreamy excursion.

You can watch the show below ↓