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Another avpn approved pizzaiolo
March 28, 2023

We have something to celebrate! Our pizzaiolo Daniele Pierri is awarded with the Verace Pizza Napoletana certificate.

At Pizza Beppe we are proud to be recognized for making the real Verace Pizza Napoletana. Making the perfect pizza Napoletana is not an easy feat. The AVPN has established strict requirements for the ingredients, preparation, and cooking methods used to make Neapolitan-style pizza. Pizzerias seeking perfection must use specific types of flour, tomatoes, and cheese, and must follow strict guidelines for kneading the dough, shaping the pizza, and cooking it in a special oven.

To receive the Verace Pizza Napoletana certificate, we must undergo a rigorous inspection process by AVPN representatives. This includes an evaluation of the whole pizzerias proces, as well as a review of the pizzeria's menu and overall operation. Every detail counts, and every step makes a difference: pizza as pizza should be.